Thorverton Gauging Station Webcams
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The Environment Agency has installed Webcams on the River Exe at Thorverton Gauging Station for the purpose of flood warning monitoring and to give recreational users such as canoeists and anglers an indication of current conditions. Wildlife including herons, kingfishers and fish can also sometimes be seen. This page refreshes automatically after every 5 minutes (or press F5 to update). Twenty-four hour viewing is possible due to infra-red lighting. Please note that there is no public access at the gauging station site at Thorverton (private property). For more information on the Environment Agency please visit or to email us regarding this web page please contact

Cam 1:Water level gauge - shows the depth in metres, represented as 10cm increments. The height is taken from the top of the lowest part of the weir (the centre).

Cam 2: General View - this shows the general state of the river and the weather conditions (note that due to the angle of the sun, picture quality can be affected at certain times of the day).

Cam 3: Underwater View - this underwater camera gives an indication of the clarity of the water (note view can sometimes become obscured by build up of silt on lens)
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Note: This information is intended to be used as a guide to water levels in the River Exe at Thorverton. Technical difficulties and downtime may result in occasional inaccurate images and readings. The Environment Agency takes no responsibility for the interpretation and usage of this information by the public.